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Do you need Advisorcraft?

  • Would you rather be stuck where you are or be ready for anything?

  • If you were ready for anything, could you adapt your business better and faster to market changes and profit more and faster?

  • If you could be ready for anything and profit more and faster, would you rather know now or keep doing what you are doing?

  • Would you like to have a ready source of insurance industry specific tactical advice that you could use any day to solve any business problem and keep moving?

  • If there were a way to be more inspired to make appointments, make bigger sales and still have more time for yourself and your family, would you want to know how to do it? 

If you answered “Yes” to any question, read on

Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. How to answer the novel pandemic objection – “Call me after the lockdown and we’ll talk.”
  2. 10 Quick Ideas to keep you going in the pandemic
  3. How to Build Your New Reality Business
  4. Why it Truly is the Best Time ever to Sell Life Insurance
  5. How to Lead your Clients and Prospects
  6. The new Reason You Must Sell Life Insurance Now
  7. How to use the new Essential Planning Pyramid™ and post pandemic financial planning
  8. The big difference between Insurance ON the Person and Insurance FOR the Person that sells more insurance
  9. How to use “Courtesy Calls” today and forever to build your business
  10. 10.How specialization helps avoid the Greed/Guaranteed Conflict
  11. 11.New Distance Selling Strategies
  12. 12.Setting up a Professional Video Sales Studio
  13. 13.8 Steps to being an effective Virtual Advisor
  14. 14.The 15-minute Video Sales Presentation
  15. 15.The Benefits of Virtual Advising
  16. 16.And your Number One Priority in the Lockdown

Mark Halpern, CFP, TEP

Jim Ruta cares about our wonderful industry and has always raised the bar for advisors. Having a forum with Van Mueller was priceless. I learned more ideas that I have space for in my notebook. Thank you, Jim and God bless you Van!!

Richard Knabenschuh

An incredibly passionate day by two individuals who speak from the heart. Invaluable tips on simplifying our practice. Cannot wait till we meet again.

Scott McCallum

Most of those attending are already personally successful but as a new advisor I still understood everything and feel as though I’m leapfrogging the most common mistakes.

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What is Advisorcraft?

Advisorcraft is an insurance advisor professional development firm like none other. No other coaching firm has more experience, expertise and enthusiasm for the business than Advisorcraft. Our ICON Protocol™ approach is based on decades of personal research by our founder Jim Ruta, himself a former successful insurance advisor and executive manager of one of Canada’s largest life insurance agencies. Advisorcraft is committed to preserving, promoting and propelling the life insurance based financial advisor business with the tactics of the best of the best – the icons. For us, nothing is more gratifying than to watch ordinary people become extraordinary performers in the life insurance business. 

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