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Study Groups Accelerate Performance

Study Groups have been helping the best advisors in the business get better for decades. The combination of researched sales and business ideas, peer-sharing and accountability have made generations of good advisors great. 

So why aren’t all advisors part of a study group – especially those who need it most? Study Groups take time and effort to organize, manage and maintain. Many start and fall apart. Most never start. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t a great idea.


A “Done for You” Study Group!

This great idea is back without the organization, management or maintenance. It’s a “done for you” study group by Advisorcraft that allows you to get all the benefits without having to put in the extra effort to operate one. Advisorcraft has been helping advisors worldwide since 1999. 

Advisorcraft principal, Jim Ruta has managed and participated in Study Groups for many years and has decades of experience helping entrepreneurial advisors achieve their best. As a former agency executive manager of a 250-advisor group and a coach to some of the top advisors in the world, Jim knows how to make your business better immediately. He’s a popular on Facebook Live and YouTube. He’s written for top publication on sales, marketing and practice management for years. He’s written best-selling advisor books, presented from the Main Platform at MDRT and is known world-wide for his advisor advice. It’s that management experience, sales advice and resource that’s at your service with Advisorcraft Study Groups. Jim’s mission is to preserve, promote and propel the Financial Advisor business.

Get the Benefit of Advisorcraft’s World Class Advisor Board

Jim has brought together a group of some of the world’s best advisors to help make Advisorcraft Study Groups world class. Advisorcraft’s Advisor Board includes Top of the Table advisors. You can expect to hear from them at Advisorcraft Study Groups (ASG) from time to time. You also know that Jim consults with the Advisor Board to vet ideas, so you get the best.

Van Mueller

Van, Milwaukee, WI

Mark Halpern, Toronto, ON

George Sigurdson

Sigurdson Financial, Winnipeg, MB

Jim Ruta

Jim Ruta, former executive manager of one of Canada’s largest insurance agencies is a leading keynote speaker, best-selling author and coach to some of the world’s best insurance and financial advisors. Jim created the unique ICON Protocol that’s the magic behind ICON Study Group.

If you want to be an ICON, it gets you there. If you are an ICON, you can stay there.

ICON is an acronym for what it takes to be an ICON: Inspire to attract; Communicate to compel; Organize for repeatability and Numerate to improve:


Advisorcraft Study Groups based in ICON Protocol ™

ICON Protocol is Jim’s proprietary coaching program for advisors based on the 4 core competencies of top advisors. ICONs are advisors recognized as representative symbol of the business. ICON is also an acronym for those core competencies – Inspiration, Communication, Organization and Numeration. 

These competencies create persistence, attraction, consistency and improvement – the keys to any advisor becoming their best. Each program will highlight one part of the ICON Protocol™ to improve your business. 

In addition to ICON Protocol™ Training in person and via webinar, ASG members will have two other benefits:

Day to Day Operations Consulting: Between the quarterly sessions, advisors have direct access to Jim Ruta and his associates by private email and telephone for specific sales, training, staff, company, underwriting, operations, service and marketing advice. Members get practical assistance on everyday business problems. 

AdvisorCraft Podcast and Report Subscription: Each member receives a subscription for this extraordinary resource of over 1000 pages and nearly 100 hours of recordings about being a better advisor. Here are the printed and audio resources on every ICON Protocol™ topic to give members the benefit of Jim’s 40 years of experience with their business. New recordings and reports are added every month providing updated ideas and concepts to help build a business.

Study Groups Organizing Now!

AdvisorCraft Study Groups are being rolled out in North America starting in Toronto, then Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver. Coming to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada. These small groups of entrepreneurial advisors meet monthly by webinar and quarterly in person with Jim and his subject matter guests to work together to achieve all they can from this business.       

Advisorcraft Study Groups make world-class coaching available to anyone who wants to excel. ASG membership is only $197 per month or $1997 in a one-time payment. We take VISA, MasterCard, American Express and checks. It’s the best advisor coaching available

Your tax-deductible investment is only $1997 annually or $197 monthly including tax. 

Charter Memberships at just $159 per month or $1597 per year are available to the first 10 advisors who apply in each city.

Call or text Jim directly for additional information and to see if you qualify at 416.689.7882 or email him at [email protected]. Make this year, your best year.

Get two months FREE with an annual plan.