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  • Are you ready to take your business to the next level?
  • Do you want to express your full potential and achieve all you can?
  • Do you have questions to which you have no place to turn to get answers?
  • Is it time to make your team the best it can be?

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You can be ready for anything when you have everything you need at your fingertips and you will when you are an Advisorcraft Tactical Coaching member.

This is the same insurance industry specific, tactical coaching advice provided to industry leaders like Van Mueller by head coach, Jim Ruta.

Advisorcraft Tactical Coaching uses our proprietary ICON Protocol™ strategy based in the vital four Icon Character Traits – Integrity, Commitment, Obsession and Naturalness. Demonstrating this foundational style will earn you more Trust, Confidence, Urgency and Loyalty from your clients that is the basis of a sustainable business. Adding or enhancing these in your business will multiply your performance.

You will also develop the four core ICON Competencies - Inspiration, Communication, Organization and Numeration. These structural skills are the building blocks of the top professional because they are what create Persistence, Attraction, Consistency and Improvement. This strategy will enhance your existing system.

Only AdvisorCraft Coaching combines both the foundation and the structure you need to build to be your best. You benefit from Jim’s decades of real-life experience in the trenches and research for the best in operational and tactical sales advice, prospecting and recruiting advice, training, personal development, copy writing, staff management, and marketing support. It all starts with a baseline assessment to measure and monitor progress.

You have Three Advisorcraft Coaching Levels from which to choose:

1. Comprehensive tactical coaching for you, your individual team members and business, based on ICON Protocol™. This Level One Coaching provides 1 or 2 monthly coaching calls to inform, implement and enhance your business model and answer questions; possible in-person meetings; unlimited follow-up calls, texts and email questions on any business operation concern, direct text and telephone connection with Jim, personalized scripts, documents, web and social media content editing to elevate your professionalism and results; video, presentation, speaking and leadership advice as required, and an annual subscription to Advisorcraft Online – for over 1,000 pages of advisor and manager resource materials and over 100 hours of related podcasts

2. Comprehensive tactical coaching for just you and your business, based on ICON Protocol. It is the same as Level One but for only one professional. or…

3. A “modular” coaching engagement, focusing on a specific business or professional need or project for you or your firm. Includes one monthly call, document/script/content preparation and unlimited email, text and telephone follow-up. Needs or projects can include: Prospecting, Recruiting, Business Focus, Sales process, Marketing, Advertising, or Social Media content, Team Building, Professional development, Getting back into the business, Crisis management, a Specific Concern Project, Business Re-organization , Goal Setting and accountability.

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