How to Take Your Business to the TOP!

… with specifics you can use not just stories

Join Mark Halpern CFP TEF MFA-P, one of Canada’s most successful advisors for this Advisorcraft Live Masterclass, March 5th. You’ll: 

  • Learn the “art of the sale” from one of the best in the Canadian business so you can make the “business science” work for you. 
  • Find all the great prospects you need in places you aren’t looking  
  • See how to focus your business, do what you love, and create business scale and efficiencies
  • Discover how to negotiate and establish strategic alliances with paraplanners, specialists, company experts, and professionals
  • Get sales strategies and language that will make you more compelling
  • Learn how to capture your prospect’s attention, interest, and desire to move forward in the sales process 
  • Learn how to scale jumbo case strategies to work in any market 

Register NOW for this proven, moderated question and answer program with Top of the Table Professional, Mark Halpern of hosted by international life insurance coach and creator of Advisorcraft Live, Jim Ruta – to get the information you need to multiply your results fast like…

  1. Mark’s best sales ideas you can use right now like the “Unlimited TFSA”, “Your Grandchildren’s Pension Plan”, “Gift Maximizer™”, “CPP/Social Security Philanthropy™”,
  2. How to take advantage of the enormous pandemic opportunity  
  3. How to “Define Yourself” first as a Specialist and then as a “Hyper-Specialist” to begin your meteoric rise to Top of the Table production like Mark did
  4. How you can get a prospect’s attention so they want to take action now 
  5. How to collaborate successfully to free yourself up to be your better than you imagine 
  6. How to invest in yourself like Mark and why it matters
  7. How to rethink your business, the industry, and the continuing lockdown, and make today’s reality work for you, regardless of the circumstances
  8. How to make this the very best time to be in the life insurance business and take advantage of today’s extraordinary business climate to build your business bigger than ever

In this fast paced, two-hour program, you’ll learn the “art of the sale” from one of the best in the Canadian business so you can make the “business science” work for you. 

If you missed Mark’s last Masterclass, here’s what you missed:

“I thought Van Mueller and Tom Hegna were good… Mark’s ideas are FANTASTIC! Jim, that was beyond ICONIC…” N.L. 

“It was totally amazing. I took five pages of notes.” Y.B.

“To say that I found today’s Masterclass helpful is an understatement. The return is so many times more that the cost. The power of this session goes far beyond the ideas given. Positive attitudes and positive energy are the fuel and the foundation for each of us to grow and accomplish. For newer folks it is good to see what is possible in this business. For those of us who have been around for longer, it is good to be re-fueled with new ideas and new energy.” D.G. 

“Really enjoyed your presentation yesterday with Jim Ruta @Advisorcraft!!! Looking forward to more!! L.B.

Here’s the good news, if you missed it, or you want a booster shot, Mark is back on Wednesday, March 5th with Masterclass 2.0. 

Advisorcraft Livestream presents …

Mark Halpern Masterclass 2.0


Aspiring life insurance advisors at every level have a unique and timely opportunity to learn how to be their best by attending a special online event featuring one of Canada’s top life insurance advisors – Mark Halpern CFP TEP MFA-P, CEO of in Toronto. Mark is an MDRT Top of the Table level producer, well known for his business mindset, conceptual sales techniques, and marketing genius. 

He is going to reveal those skills to interested advisors in the next Advisorcraft Live on Wednesday, March 5, 2021 from 1:00pm to 3pm ET. 

*NOTE: In keeping with Mark’s philanthropic interests, a portion of the proceeds will go to supporting the SickKids Foundation.

Gasoline and a Match!

Renowned life insurance tactical coach, Jim Ruta BA RHU EPC created Advisorcraft Live to show you exactly what tactics top advisors use to produce big business. Jim explains how to use those tactics to ramp up your own results in your marketplace right now. This is not just another advisor showcase covering practice highlights or a company infomercial. This is high quality content you can use and make money now. No other online program goes into this detail about the tactics that make you money.  

Jim’s excitement and enthusiasm for the business squeezes the best out of his guests. This is not a talking head presentation. It’s a high energy interactive two hours that gives you the best from the best. 

Mark Halpern 2.0 by Advisorcraft

Learn how to Three Times You!

This 2-hour masterclass is an intimate look into what Mark Halpern does every day now and before the pandemic lockdowns to write seven-figure premiums and mentor other top advisors. You’ll discover how you can use those same approaches to write larger cases in your own marketplace. 

Mark has developed a special business model that made him one of North America’s top life insurance advisors and you can copy and use it too. 

There’s More… So, Register Now!

Register for Mark’s Masterclass and you qualify to join PLATINUM 2.0 by Advisorcraft. The first monthly group mentoring and coaching program with Mark and Jim has 30 members and has been up and running since September to rave reviews. Here are just a few members comments…  

Thie C.L. Convery, B.Sc. (Hons), RFP, CFP, CIM, FMA, FCSI, Wealth Advisor, IPC Securities Corporation says: “WOW! Since joining Ruta & Halpern’s Platinum Coaching, my wealth advisory and insurance practice has just turned 180 degrees – for the better! I wish this program had been available to me 30 years ago.  But no time like the present, so we are full steam ahead, implementing strategies and tactics to 10-fold my marketing, prospecting activity, revenue and – more importantly – profits!  Thanks owing to Jim & Mark!”

Andy Kovacs, CFP®, CLU®, CHS, EPC, CEA at Sun Life says:  After 15 years in the business as Sun Life advisor, I reflected on my level of success and knew that I had more gas in the tank and could do even better for the next 15 years of my career. So I reached out to Mark Halpern whose catchy commercials I’d heard on the radio forever to see if he could help. We had a conversation during which time he opened my eyes to opportunities that I had never heard of before and to concepts that were so simple, despite the industry making them more complicated than it needed to be. Mark saw my desire to improve and my untapped potential and took me on as his mentee. He “crash tested” my goals and motivations, shared aspirational ideas and concepts that worked for him and encouraged me to make them my own. He introduced me to his trusted network, the people who have helped him grow professionally, personally, and spiritually, and impressed upon me the value of collaboration with other advisors and professionals. Like drinking water out of a fire hose, this was a lot to take in and I struggled to make the day to day changes necessary to achieve success.  

Enter Jim Ruta. Like a precision-surgeon, Jim helped to implement the tactical changes required to take what I learned from Mark and make it fit my vision and my business. Along the way, Jim introduced me to complementary ways of adapting Mark’s strategies to anyone, not just high net worth individuals and business owners. This helped me “keep the lights” on while working on bigger cases, such as: $1M charitable legacy gift to a local hospital and sheltering a clients’ “never spend money” into an unlimited TFSA. In a year that saw the world grind to a halt with Covid-19, I had my best year ever and qualified for MDRT. More importantly, I got re-energized and re-focused in the life insurance business. I also got to connect with, and become work partners with, a community of like-minded advisors across Canada who are all working towards the same goal of transforming from successful advisors to significant advisors. 

Mark and Jim are true icons and “inspirators” (I borrowed this term from Van Mueller) in an industry that doesn’t get enough credit for the valuable work that we do to help Canadian families, businesses, and charities. Mediocrity is the easy way out in this business. The need for transformative change takes courage to recognize and expert coaching at both the strategic and tactical levels to make it happen. With Mark and Jim’s Advisorcraft Platinum Group, you get both!  

If transformative change is what you crave, check out Advisorcraft Platinum Group!

Anthony Gordon, BBA, BA Soc, JD, LLM, Co-founder of FiduSure Financial Inc. says: I have been fortunate to work with both Mark and Jim in their Platinum Group program.  Their guidance has challenged me to think beyond just being an “advisor” going from client to client in a conventional and linear fashion and instead helped me focus on building a business that capitalizes on my passions and strengths.  In doing so this shift has helped me to become laser focused on doing what’s best for my clients within a context of me creating a balanced, happier, and healthier approach to life.

Their program is extraordinary on so many levels; mostly because both Jim and Mark take their decades of knowledge, information, education, and experience, which they have spent many years acquiring, percolating, experimenting, and finessing and they consolidate it, filter it, and refine it.  This results in a superb program that provides us with the mindset, documents, scripts, and support to duplicate their successes within our own personal and financial goals.   

Alynn Godfroy of Godfroy Financial Limited says: Just one concept that Mark shared was able to help me to sell 5 new policies that account for over 80% of my insurance revenues for 2020.  In addition to amazing concepts and material that we receive on a monthly basis, Jim partnered me up with 4 remarkable gentlemen in a Master Mind group.  We share resources, tools and ideas and help to keep each other accountable to ensure we attain our goals.  I am truly grateful for the camaraderie of our group and how I am striving to double my business in 2021. 

Zahid Syed, CLU MFA-P of Orooj Financial says: When I heard Jim and Mark teaming up to bring their expertise to show how advisors can be at their best, I was the first one to join. I must say I am not disappointed. Just being in the meeting every month gives you a new energy for the next month. Even If you pick up few ideas to present, they alone will increase your production drastically. 

Lois Bastedo, EPC, CHS, CPCA, CEA of Active Wealth Management says: After being in the business for over 20 years, I have finally found two mentors, who truly care about advisors succeeding in our industry.  Along with other likeminded people, we are raising our standards to become the best we can be.  Well worth the investment!!  

Register today for Mark’s Masterclass 2.0 live online Wednesday, March 5, 2021 at 1:00pm ET 

Your investment in yourself for this extraordinary event is only an income tax-deductible, $99 plus applicable tax. 

BUT - To get the Zoom video recording of Mark’s Masterclass 2.0 by Advisorcraft, your registration is $149 plus applicable tax. 

Seating is limited so register now!

BONUS: All registrants will receive the latest edition of Jim Ruta’s very popular Ideas Manual – “What Winners are doing to Win in Life Insurance”, a $50 value. 

Still need more convincing?


What Past Advisorcraft Live attendees say:

“I came to Advisorcraft Live TWICE; my ROI is 9600% in only 2 ½ months!!”

“Advisorcraft Live helped me reach MDRT status for the first time! Wouldn’t it make sense to attend the next one?”

“As a new advisor, I was unsure how to better improve and learn my chosen trade. The lessons I learned at Advisorcraft Live were exactly what I needed.”

“The best investment I’ve made in my career.”

“An amazing way to start my new successful decade where TOT is my goal. I realized that there is no need to reinvent the wheel, just oil it properly and get it moving.”

“Advisorcraft Live has inspired me to do more than any other event.”

 “Jim Ruta does a wonderful job putting together a top-notch sales conference. The question shouldn’t be why would I go but why wouldn’t I?” 

“Jim Ruta cares about our wonderful industry and has always raised the bar for advisors.”

“Best seminar of 2019! It was a game changer for me.”

“Most of those attending are already personally successful but as a new advisor I still understood everything and feel as though I’m leapfrogging the most common mistakes.”